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Florida Shooting Reflection: How to Survive a School Shooting

This past week we mourn for 17 students and staff who's lives were cut short from the school shooting in Florida. I cannot begin imagine how it to feels to lose a child, friend, teacher in this way - it's just breaks my heart. Yet, in light of recent events, we cannot allow our fears prevent us access to education. I am reposting one of my safety videos to remind students and staff how to protect yourself if you're in this situation.     

There are very tangible tips on what to do if you hear gunfire and actions you take. Please share this video with others, you might be able to save a life.


Irene Yu
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Car Care 101

It's the season of Love, and while many individuals may share that romantically this Wednesday, why not spend some quality time with your car? Students are eager to get their drivers license so learning some basic maintenance tips would be key to driving safe. 

Today's video will cover...
How much to pay for an oil change
Different type of oil (Convention Oil, Synthetic Blend, Synthetic)
What to do when you see your check engine light on
What do to in case of an emergency

What else should a new driver know? Comment below!

Irene Yu

How to get the best scholarships

College can be extremely expensive even if you plan to go to a public school. Tuition can easily be upwards of 10 - 40K a year and if you plan to pursue a career that requires additional schooling like a masters, phd, MD etc etc, your student debt can definitely add up. So, here are my Top 5 places to look for scholarships to pay for college.

#1 College and Career Office Counselors: Counselors are constantly mailed and emailed information and applications for various scholarship opportunities and often times we may keep the hard copies in a file cabinet. Ask your counselor or college and career specialist if a file cabinet exists and periodically check to see if there are new opportunities. Sometimes if it’s a local scholarship and the deadline is coming up I may post it in my office or on my door for students to see.

#2 Naviance: As technology continues to evolve more and more schools are going digital with disseminating information. A number of schools that I’ve work at use Naviance…

Tips on How to Reduce Stress

With a new year many people have new goals and ambitions. However, when returning to school you're hit with life's obligations once more. It can be a super stressful time, but I've compiled a list of my top 5 tips to reduce stress. 1)Taking deep breathes This is not only lower your heart rate, but also allow you to collect your thoughts and focus on your goal at hand. 2)Writing things down Visualizing your tasks can help prioritize and tackle them one at a time. 3)Exercise It's good for the body, mind, and soul. Triple wammy there! 4)Listening to music Studies that show when you listen to classical music you can lower your heart rate and be at peace. To turn up some Bach or Mozart! 5)Asking for help Everyone needs help once in a while, allow your family and friends to support you. Do you have tips to help reduce stress? Leave a comment below.

New Goals for 2018

Some of you may know that I’ve thought so many times to quit counseling. Assessing students for suicide to preparing them for the increasingly competitive college application process. It’s not easy being a high school student and it breaks my heart that I can’t help them all. I’ve had this idea to share my knowledge using social media as a secondary source for families to get the information they need to survive high school and I finally made a choice to start it, but it wasn’t easy. I am my biggest critic and my perfectionist tendencies often times made me feel bad about myself. I got frustrated that I didn’t know how to do a certain effect or wished that I was more well spoken. Sometimes I looked at the video in post production and wished I put more concealer under my designer eye bags. Lol
I still have so much to learn, but looking back I can say that I’m proud of myself for taking the first step and have grown tremendously from it. I’ve created 10 videos with each video better tha…

Private School Applications - Common App Tutorial

If you're planning to apply to private colleges like the Concordia University, USC, Harvard, or Stanford you'll likely use the Common Application to submit an application. Check out the video below to learn step-by-step on how to fill out one application and submit it to a number of private universities.   

Which teacher should write my letter of recommendation?

If you're planning to apply to a private school chances are you'll need a letter of recommendation from your teacher. In this video you'll find out my top three tips on how you should select your recommender. Here are the three aspects to consider. 

1. Different Disciplines
2. 11th Grade Teacher
3. Adviser or Coach